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Providing security services far beyond "industry standard"


The Mission of Sacramento Protective Services is to work in partnership with the community members, property owners and managers, law enforcement and other stake holders to protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems, and enhance the quality of life in communities in which we service.


Sacramento Protective Services is the premier private security provider in the greater Sacramento area focusing exclusively on residential communities.  We are dedicated to continuing to foster an open, proactive and creative environment in which the community and our organization flourish. We will maintain the public trust through integrity, diversity and excellence in our programs, our actions, and in our most valuable asset, our employees



Sacramento Protective Services (SPS) is a progressive, private public safety agency that is dedicated to providing the highest level of proactive security services to ensure the safety and security of your community. By acting through a proactive stance, SPS strives to prevent criminal activity on our clients’ properties before it occurs, instead of merely observing and reporting criminal activity once it has already occurred.

SPS employs only the highest level of Private Security Officers in the industry; Officers who have “real-world” experience and possess the knowledge and training to “observe and act” rather than merely “observe and report.”  SPS is determined to bridge the gap between law enforcement and private security for the betterment of your community. 



Sacramento Protective Services is a progressive private security provider dedicated to providing the highest level of proactive security services to ensure the safety and security of our clients.  To accomplish this goal, SPS employs the Community-Oriented Policing, or “COP’s” strategy which is utilized by hundreds of law enforcement agencies accross the United States.


The goal of SPS is to create a customized security services program that meets the safety & security needs of your community, while remaining within your financial budget.  SPS offers multiple security prgrams that can be customized to meet the individual needs of your residential community.


In a crisis, close collaboration between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the private sector is critical to protect citizens and rebuild communities. SPS is one of the few private security firms in California certified as a member of the National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC). As a member of the NBEOC, SPS is ready to support state, local, and tribal governments to recover from natural disasters and assist governmental agencies during times of regional emergencies  


For more information on FEMA and the NBEOC, please check out

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