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Sacramento Protective Services has established a reputation of professionalism and quality service with our clients since our inception; SPS has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and we have received praise from past and present business owners, property managers, residents of the properties in which we service. Below are excerpts of emails sent to SPS and postings placed on the internet which commend the services provided by our officers.

From: Chris W. - Business Owner
Dated:  02/11/2020


I wanted to email and tell you what an outstanding job your new security company is doing.   How did you find them?  I reassured Heather that I was able to see the patrol car waiting outside until the crazy lady left.  It’s very reassuring to have this company working with us.

From: Nina W. - Property Manager
Dated:  03/08/2017


Just wanted to say thanks so much for providing excellent service.  We are very happy with Sac Protective.  I was talking to someone today about our courtesy patrol and how happy we are with you all.  Just wanted to pass it on!

From:  Starla W. - Store Manager
Dated:  01/26/2020


I just wanted to say the new security company has been doing well. They have been doing much better than the previous company. I just wanted to let you guys know. I know it must have been a hard decision to switch companies. 

From:  Rachel L. - HOA Manager
Dated:  01/27/2015


I wanted to relay a HUGE compliment from the Villa San Juan Board, they very much appreciate Doug Neal determination in connecting with Natomas High School officer in charge of helping the association. Due to his perseverance the school is aware of ongoing issues with the kids. Hopefully due to all his hard work, some of the issue will be elevated.      


Great Job Doug Neal.  Thanks Again

From: Charissa G. (via
Date:  9/17/2013


We hired Sacramento Protective Services for the company that I work for and I think they are outstanding! I can't commend them enough for the wonderful job they do at our property. We've been through a lot of different security companies and none of them are close to doing as good as a job as Sac Protective. I find them to be extremely professional. They are always alert and they give our Property Managers approximately 3 page detailed reports every morning even if there were no incidences on the property that evening. Our crime rate has decreased significantly because of the physical, professional appearance of the guards and the amazing follow up work they do!

They are expensive but well worth it! I always brag about having them!

From: Emily T. - Property Manager
Date:  8/1/2013


I wanted to let you know how much we at The Element appreciate your services. The officers have been very attentive and respectful to our policies and property.


Thank you for providing such great services!

From:  Cody M. - Property Manager
Dated:  12/12/2014


I have to tell you that I love that you’re here.  I’ve read through the DAR and I have contacted the residents with the issues.  I called on the unauthorized occupants and put them on notice.  I’ve placed service requests for the laundry room doors and especially the lighting issues.


I was so excited to be contacted last night about an issue.  Everyone in the office… and some of the residents are talking about the difference.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

From:  Larry L. - Property Manager
Dated:  03/29/2014


I wanted to say thanks for a great job your Officers are doing here! We appreciate the personal service we get right before we leave for the day! It really helps that your Officers and our Staff can communicate so effectively! 

From:  Thomas J. - Property Manager
Dated:  05/12/2015


I absolutely will [use your service in the future], you guys have been awesome for us!

From: Butch T. - SHRA Manager
Date:  10/29/2012


I would like to acknowledge the excellent job Officer Walter and Officer Smith provided during the unlawful occupancy incident on 10/22 and corporal injury incident on 10/24.  Very difficult circumstances that were handled professionally by SPS.  I would also like to acknowledge Officer Stone’s continued efforts.


Thank you and stay safe.

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