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SPS operates under the Patrol Model of Security Enforcement; Security Officers are assigned to a Patrol District, rather then to an individual properties.  Security Officers conduct continuous patrol of clients’ properties in fully-marked patrol vehicles, 24-hours per day, seven (7) days a week.  The Patrol Districts are geographically limited in size so that no Security Officer is ever more then 10 minutes away from any client’s property.  Through the utilization of the Patrol Model, our clients are provided with 24-hours of security coverage each day, while costs are shared by multiple clients, reducing the overall security cost for each individual client.  The standard patrol of a client’s property encompasses a combination of vehicle and foot patrol of the property, lasting up to 60 minutes per patrol (depending on property size).  Standard patrol service packages are available for every size community:


  • Basic Patrol Service (less then 250 residential units)

  • Advanced Patrol Service (250-500 residential units)

  • Premium Patrol Service (more than 500 residential units)



The security issues faced by our clients are often the result of issues affecting the community as a whole. Often, properties are afflicted with “bleed over” from neighboring properties, which affects their safety and security. It is the goal of SPS to provide for the safety and security of the community as a whole, not merely our client’s properties.To accomplish this goal, SPS has created the Neighborhood Patrol Service (NPS)


By utilizing the NPS, SPS works in a cooperative effort with several neighboring properties in a small geographic area. These properties receive a dedicated SPS patrol unit to provide security services 24-hours per day, seven (7) nights a week. By working in cooperation with neighboring properties, SPS is able to not only address security issues on your property, but also to provide for the security of the community as a whole. The NPS requires a cooperative agreement between multiple properties in a given geographic area. The greater the number of properties that participate in the NPS, the lower the cost for each client.



For those clients seeking the highest level of security protection, SPS offers our Dedicated Patrol Service (DPS). Like our Neighborhood Patrol Service, clients who chose the DPS receive a dedicated SPS patrol unit in a fully marked patrol vehicle, conducting foot and vehicles patrols of your community, seven (7) nights a week. .DPS packages can be designed to provide a minimum of five hours per night of security service, up to 24 hours per day of security coverage.


SPS understands that the financial considerations involved in utilizing the DPS often limit a client to only a few hours of coverage per night. To accommodate our clients, the DPS program has been designed to operate within the same nightly service hours as our Standard Patrol Models. Therefore, while you property may only have the financial recourses to utilize our services five hours a night, SPS can distribute these services throughout the night to provide your property the greatest level of security coverage for the least amount of cost to your property. In essence, a property can receive 12-hours of coverage per night and only pay for five hours of service.



SPS also understands that for some client’s, the need for security services may be limited to a response basis only. For these clients, SPS has created the Response Patrol Service (RPS). As with all of the Patrol Services, the RPS offers the availability of our highly trained SPS Patrol Officers 24-hours per day, seven (7) days a week. The RPS provides the client with a minimum of one (1) patrol of the property per day to conduct lock-ups of site amenities at a specified time. Patrol officers will conduct a through patrol of the property to identify maintenance/safety hazards, parking issues and to deter criminal activity.

In addition to the nightly patrol, the RPS also provides the client and the residents unlimited access to SPS officers to respond to any call for service during our patrol hours, to include suspicious persons and/or activities, maintenance issues and lock-outs, parking violations, and other resident concerns*. Additionally, by utilizing SPS as the primary responder for all on-site alarm activations, the RPS can actually save the client unnecessary expenditures associated with accidental alarm activations which result in the response of law enforcement to your property which may result in billing from the city/county of up to $350.00 per response.

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