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SPS Officers confront aggressive suspect barricaded in store freezer

At approximately 22:39 hours, SPS Officers responded to a retail market in the 4000 block of Norwood Avenue after receiving reports of an unidentifed Black Male Adult inslde the store's freezer, refusing to leave. Upon arrival, SPS officers found the suspect had barricaded himself inside the deep freezer; Officers provided verbal commands for the suspect to exit the freezer, but he refused to comply. When Officers entered the freezer, the suspect lunged at the Officers in an aggressive manner and non-deadly force options were utlized by the Officers to protect themselves from the suspect. Sacramento Police officers arrived on scene shortly thereafter, and the suspect was ultimately transported by Sac Metro Fire for medical and psychological evaluation. SPS officer susbstained minor injuries to their hands during the confrontation. but were cleared by medical staff at the scene.

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